Somerset walk goes hilariously wrong when cows block path

  • Watch the hilarious moment here (video from @catherinecorr)

A group of Somerset friends got themselves into a tricky situation when cows blocked their path on a countryside walk. 

The group was walking to The Hunters Rest, in Clutton, for a roast dinner on Sunday 17 March.

While they were looking for a bridge, a bull and cows blocked their , meaning that the only way around was over a stream. 

What followed was a video that’s, so far, made more than 1.7 million people laugh.

Cathy Judge said: “For of them had jumper across, and then our friend Shanti jumped across and she landed in it and my husband Colin pulled her out. And then, Amanda went to jump.

Amanda Smith (left), Cathy Judge, and Shanti Jackman (right) all got soaked. Credit: Amanda Smith

“So Julia starts videoing, thinking ‘this isn’t going to go well’.” 

Julia Glover said: “I could just see how it was going to go. We’d already lost one person, so I thought ‘why would you even bother trying?’” 

The video starts with Amanda Smith attempting to cross the stream. Her first step goes horribly wrong though, and before you know it she’s fallen backwards and is completely soaked through. 

Cathy then reaches out to try and help, but ends up going completely under herself! 

Amanda said: “The water was quite forceful. It pushed us along a bit, and it was deep. But we couldn’t stop laughing.” 

Cathy said: “We were in stitches when we found out Julia had filmed it. It made the walk back to the cars okay because we couldn’t wait to see the video.” 

The dogs were running around frantically, people were trying to pull them out, all while others in the group said “I’m definitely not going that way!” 

Once they were out, they all went back to their cars and drove home - the roast dinner had to wait. 

Amanda said: “My partner made me sit in the back of the car with the dog because I stank. We were consequently late for our lunch.” 

Touching on going viral, Julia said: “It’s just brought us so much joy, we can’t believe it. We don’t mind people giving a laugh because we found it so funny.”