African bull elephant 'Uli' arrives at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

The 13-year-old African Bull will be joining current elephants- 32-year-old Shaka, 18-year-old Janu, and 9-year-old Sutton.   Credit: Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

An African Bull Elephant from Germany has arrived at a zoo in North Somerset.

The 13-year-old, called Uli, will be living in the UK's largest elephant facility at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm.

He'll be joining current elephants- 32-year-old Shaka, 18-year-old Janu, and 9-year-old Sutton at the site's 'Elephant Eden', a 20-acre enclosure.

Having spent ​over 5 years​ in his previous zoo, Uli will arrive at his new home as a bachelor mal​e, preparing​​ him to ​integrat​e​ into a breeding group.

Tom Lindley, Elephant Section Leader at Noah’s Ark, said: “Noah’s Ark provides a much needed environment for Uli's growth.

"Young bulls like Uli benefit immensely from the presence of older, more experienced bulls​ who are behavioural role models​.

"As he matures, Uli will play a role in mentoring younger bulls, contributing to the group dynamics and the welfare of our elephant community.

“We have a detailed integration plan in place for Uli’s arrival. ​Like​ Sutton, who was ​our​ last new arrival, Uli will be gradually introduced to the other males to ensure a smooth transition into the group.

"In the wild, male elephants naturally group together with other solitary males to form bachelor groups.”  As a charity, Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm’s aims are conservation, education, and wellbeing.

Larry Bush, Managing Director of Noah’s Ark said: “We are very excited to welcome Uli to Noah’s Ark.

"Elephants are extraordinary creatures, and it’s a privilege to be able to support him in this vital part of his development.  

“Our state-of-the-art elephant facilities have been thoughtfully designed tocater to their needs, providing separate sleeping areas and ample space for each elephant ​both indoors and outdoors.

"This not only supports international breeding efforts but also enables us to educate our visitors and wider community about these magnificent creatures, fostering a passion forconservation in future generations.”​​​ 

​​​Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm celebrated the 10th anniversary of the opening of Elephant Eden last month.