Hundreds attend illegal two-day rave near Luxborough prompting safety concerns

One eye witness told ITV News cars lined nearby roads with hundreds attending the rave. Credit: Submitted

Hundreds of people are at the scene of an illegal rave on Exmoor, which one eye witness told ITV News was 'completely out of control'.

Avon and Somerset Police was alerted to the unlicensed music event at around 6am on Sunday 31 March.

Officers were sent to the scene in the Luxborough area, near Watchet where they found several hundreds of people in attendance.

A spokesperson for the force said: "Officers were on the scene within 15 minutes to find the event already underway with several hundred people in attendance.

"Our officers remain at the site and have been engaging with individuals attending the event.

"They have also been engaging with members of the public and providing community reassurance."

One eye witness to the event, who did not want to be named, said they had not seen anything like it before, adding they were concerned for people's safety.

They added residents in the area had their house surrounded by people attending the event, which is expected to last until the end of Monday 1 April.

They described how vans had been blasting out music and people had been left 'trapped in their homes'.

They said they felt police were not doing enough to bring the event to an end, with concerns the rave would be let to continue until the end of Monday.

Another person commented: "Exmoor is sadly not a place for families to visit today.

"The volume of music is incredibly loud and can be heard for miles and miles."