Drum & Bass on the Bike: Meet the cycling DJ bringing music to thousands in Bristol

Dom leads thousand of people around Bristol. Credit: Dom Whiting

A DJ who cycles around playing drum and bass has returned to Bristol for the fourth consecutive year.

Dom Whiting, from Marlow in London, had the idea for the event back in March 2021 while Covid restrictions were still in place.

He said: "Obviously amidst the height of lockdown - I guess it was a pretty bleak and weird time for all of us. 

"At the time we couldn’t have any music and we weren’t allowed to go out aside from going to the shops. So I decided to buy a bike, attach my decks, and DJ in situ."

He did the first ride in Marlow, and it grew from there through the power of social media.

Dom said: "It got a bit of social media attention, and then it spring-boarded to where I am today.

Dom's event has become really popular in Bristol. Credit: Dom Whiting

"Bristol was the first place I went to that we actually had people coming along to be part of the ride.

"As we went from ride-to-ride, the numbers kept going up and up. 

"I think the biggest ride we have had is in Bristol, last year we had a good 3,000 people. It really is a spectacle, all ages attend. It’s amazing to look back on it going from one person to thousands."

When asked how it feels to lead that many people around the city, he said: “It’s an unanswerable question, there’s so much going on I can't take it in at the time.

“I’m trying to DJ and peddle and live stream and interact with the crowd so I don’t realise until after when I watch my GoPro footage.” 

Dom thinks of Bristol as his second home now. Credit: Dom Whiting

Although he rides in various cities, Dom said there is something different about Bristol.

"Bristol in particular, it’s the home of drum and base. It was the first ride that people actually showed up to, so I’ve sort of got that connection.

"Bristol is sort of a second home and I just know it’s going to be really good.

"I'd just like to thank anybody that comes along. I will endeavour to be back next year with more sounds, and hopefully we can make it bigger and better than ever before. Thank you so much!"

For the first time, Dom will be playing at Bristol's Love Saves the Day festival, which runs from 25-26 May 2024.