Egg rolling contest down England’s steepest residential street in Bristol

  • Watch as people test their egg rolling skills in Bristol

People were out in Bristol over the weekend to take part in a funny tradition. 

Dozens of people have taken part in the annual egg rolling contest down England’s steepest residential street.

The tradition takes place in Vale Street in the Totterdown area of Bristol on Sunday 31 March. 

Vale Street in Bristol is known as the steepest street in England - with a 22-degree slope. 

It's open to all ages.

Cars need to be tied up to stop them from slipping during icy conditions, and parked perpendicular to stop them rolling downhill.

For more than 30 years it has also been the gathering place for Totterdown residents on Easter Sunday for an annual egg rolling contest.

People line the street to watch the contest. Hard boiled eggs are thrown down the hill, with the one travelling the furthest crowned the winner.

There’s one race for children, and then the adults take on the challenge.

The prize? Pride and glory.