'Love of my life': Cheltenham grandmother 'cried all night' after pet dog was killed by a cyclist

  • Watch Shirley describe to ITV News' Naryan Branch how she saw her pet die while on a walk

A grandmother from Cheltenham who says her pet dog is the “love of her life” has been left heartbroken after she was killed by a cyclist.

Shirley Harvey was walking Lady in Burrows Playing Field in Leckhampton when the chihuahua was struck on Saturday 30 March.

The 79-year-old said she was "crying all night" after watching her dog die.

Shirley said: “I loved her and she loved me and it’s very hard to accept what happened. She did nothing wrong.

Lady was a gift to Shirley after her husband died five years ago Credit: Shirley Harvey

“I took her for a walk that morning over the park just across the road. We took her lead off and she was just sniffing about in the grass and not on the lead and a man came down on a tiny little bike.

“I said ‘watch the dog’ and the next minute he ran straight over her body and I heard this terrific scream.

“I carried her home and she was still warm and cuddly and I was screaming.

“I called my son who came over straight away and he said ‘mum, she’s gone.’

Shirley said she "cried all night" after Lady died Credit: Shirley Harvey

“He said ‘mum, you’ve got to leave her now. Let her rest.

“I lay awake all night just crying and I’ve been so upset ever since.

“I’ll never forget that scream.”

The 79-year-old’s husband died five years ago and was given the dog by her granddaughter to help her through her grief.

Lady was "loved by the family" Credit: Shirley Harvey

Shirley said: “My husband died five years ago so I was given Lady by my granddaughter and it turned my life around.

“I was with her 24 hours a day, she used to sleep on my bed, she was very cuddly and very sweet.”

Gloucestershire Police are trying to trace a man described as being heavy and wearing a black cycle helmet while riding a small bike.

The force is keen to talk to a woman who witnessed the incident.

Other people who may have seen what happened, are also being encouraged to get in touch.