Solar Eclipse 2024: Tips for spotting the partial eclipse in Devon and Cornwall tonight

Those in Devon and Cornwall might be able to see a snippet of the eclipse this evening. Credit: PA

People in Devon and Cornwall may catch a snippet of this evening's solar eclipse.

While the United States will observe a total solar eclipse - with some areas being plunged into complete darkness - parts of Cornwall and Devon will see a partial eclipse.

An eclipse is the alignment of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon, blocking some or all of the Sun's rays from reaching the Earth.

According to Brian Sheen, Director at Roseland Observatory in Truro and member of the Royal Astronomical Society, "perfect alignment" will be visible briefly in the region tonight.

The partial eclipse is expected to take place at sunset, around 8pm this evening.

"The further West you are the better it is"

People in West Devon and Cornwall will have an opportunity to see a snippet of the eclipse as the moon appears to progress across the face of the sun.

Brian said this is due to being "furthest west of the whole of the British Isles."

In terms of finding a view point he recommends finding "a place that is either very high - or better, on the coast."

He says those hoping to catch a glimpse should be in position by 7.45pm, with the eclipse likely to start around 7.55pm and finish by 8.10pm.

Coastal observing points

Brian said weather permitting, views from Newquay and Perranporth will be "excellent" viewpoints.

He encourages people to watch out for the partial eclipse safely.

"Even though the Sun is low to the horizon, it can still be pretty dangerous, therefore we must use all the normal procedures for eclipses like wearing special glasses."

In terms of the weather conditions, Brian says "the clearer the better", but "a little bit of cloud doesn't matter."