175 knives and weapons handed into Avon and Somerset Police thanks to 'knife bins' in Bristol

The bins were installed in public spaces in Bristol. Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

175 knives and other bladed weapons have been placed into specially designed knife bins in Bristol since they were installed in 2023.

The bins were set up by Avon and Somerset Police in Castle Park and the Park Centre, encouraging people to safely and anonymously surrender knives.

There are now 17 surrender bins in the Avon and Somerset region which have seen more than 5,000 knives taken off the streets since 2016. Two more bins will be installed in East Bristol later this month.

Knife Crime Lead, Chief Inspector Mike Vass, said: “It’s great to see that these two new community bins are being used.

"Whether it’s just people surrendering their kitchen knives or young people discarding potential weapons, either way, it’s taking these potentially harmful items off our streets and out of the hands of young people.

Bleed kits have been installed in Bristol in the hope they could help save a life. Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

“Some of the weapons we have seen surrendered into these bins have been exactly the sort that we are concerned about on our streets.

"This is a reminder to anyone who may be carrying a knife that these bins are there, and this is proof that they can be safely discarded anonymously.

"Carrying a knife does not keep you safe; you’re at a higher risk of being injured or injuring someone else if you are carrying one. So please, think twice and protect yourselves and others by discarding them safely.”

The force has also been working with HeartSafe UK to roll out more than 150 emergency bleed kits in public places.

The kits can help save lives in a situation where someone is badly bleeding before emergency services arrive.

It comes after several fatal stabbings in Bristol where teenagers have died.

Chief Inspector Mike Vass added: “We know we can’t police our way out of knife crime, but we are doing everything we can to target those who either pose the biggest risk or are most at risk themselves.

"We work closely with our partners in the Violence Reduction Partnership to put diversionary interventions and tactics in place as soon as these young people are identified to us.”