Residents still concerned by 'optical illusion' cycle lane in Keynsham despite improvements

Credit: LDRS

A paint job that was aimed to break up an 'optical illusion' cycle lane on Keynsham High Street has left some residents confused.

The cycle lane caused controversy after it was revealed that numerous people had injured themselves tripping on a hidden step.

Bath and North East Somerset Council first painted the cycle lane red in August of 2022 to try and highlight the kerb's drop but people continued to fall over.

Around three people have tripped and hurt themselves on cycle lane, each month since it was installed.

Now contractors have painted new double yellows along the road, and changed the solid white line along the edge of the cycle lane to a dashed line but there are concerns that this isn't enough.

Paul Roper (Kingsmead, Liberal Democrat), the council’s cabinet member for economic and cultural sustainable development, said: “This mitigation should make the change in levels clearer to pedestrians and prevent further trips and falls.”

But many people living in Keynsham remain concerned. Asked if he thought it would stop people from falling, Jeff Gardner, 74, said “not a bit.”

He added: “They are trying to bring your attention to the line, I can see that, but I don’t think black is going to bring people’s attention to it.”

He said he’d seen several people fall in the cycle lane and warned: “If you were working in the industry, you would never have this because it’s a trip hazard. You’d definitely never have a step there and a step there. It's just dangerous.”

Jean Culverwell, 77, said: “Nobody falls down that end [Temple Street] because its a normal road, but here you have got to have your wits about you.

She said: “If you wear varifocals like I do, you are completely bamboozled by it.”

Bath and North East Somerset Council has been contacted for further comment.

Credit: John Wimperis / LDRS