Whipsiderry cliffs: Third cliff fall at site of planned luxury housing development

  • Watch the moment the cliff collapsed on Saturday 13 April.

There has been a third major cliff fall at a site in Cornwall where a luxury housing development is planned.

It happened at Whipsiderry Cliffs in Porth, near Newquay, on the morning of Saturday 13 April.

The first cliff fall at the site happened on Wednesday 29 November 2023. At the time, the area was cordoned off due to safety concerns.

A second occurred just weeks later on 19 December.

There hadn't been any major collapse at the site for nearly four months following, however Cornwall Council submitted a Temporary Prohibition of Traffic Order on 13 January 2024 closing the steps to Whipsiderry Beach for six months- in the interest of public safety.

Developer, Living Quarter Properties Porth, has been given planning permission to build seven holiday homes on top of the cliffs above the beach.

Credit: Save Whipsiderry Cliffs

In early 2023, preliminary work to reinforce the cliffs so that homes could be built on them was suspended following protests from campaigners.

Reinforcement work was due to start in early 2024, but at the end of January, it was announced that the license for cliff stabilisation works was suspended until February 2025.

At the end of March 2024, the developer submitted a report saying the cliff was 'far more stable than previously thought.

In response, campaign group Save Whipsiderry Cliffs said: "Surprise! There's been another collapse.

"Just weeks after the developer submitted a report."

It added: "Madness."

Living Quarter Properties has been approached for comment.