Relatives speak of horror after escaped cows trash Bristol cemetery

  • Watch the cows causing trouble here (video from Jane Channing).

Four escaped cows have caused significant damage at a cemetery in Bristol.

Cows were spotted eating some of the flowers placed on graves, memorials were damaged, and graves were covered in poo.

The owner of the cows has apologised, saying they are ‘so sorry for the heartbreak caused’.

Jane Channing, who regularly visits her son's grave at South Bristol Crematorium, said she first heard that cows had got into the cemetery on Saturday 13 April.

She said: “We went up there as soon as we could on Sunday and I couldn’t believe it - and I was amazed that the cows were still there. No one had got them out."

The Knowle grandmother said other families arrived to find their loved ones’ graves had been trampled.

She said: “There were people crying, distraught at what they were arriving to find. The Muslim section of the cemetery was probably worst affected. I went down there and one lady was in tears, very upset at what had happened.”

Elizabeth Withers, who owns the cows, said they got through a gate which had been left open, and then through a broken fence.

Ms Withers said: “We would like to sincerely apologise to any families that were affected by the cows’ escape into the crematorium and we are so sorry for the heartbreak caused.”