Deer return to National Trust's Dyrham Park for first time in years after herd culled

The deer have returned to Dyrham Park, near Bath Credit: National Trust

Deer have returned to an estate near Bath after the whole herd had to be culled in 2021 due to bovine TB.

This week, staff at Dyrham Park wrote on X: "We're delighted to share the news of the arrival of a brand new deer herd at Dyrham Park.

"We know you've missed having deer in the parkland as much as we have; thank you for your patience as we've prepared and planned for this happy moment."

They added that the herd would need time to settle in and advised people to keep their distance until the animals got used to their new environment.

A buck looks looks towards the house at Dyrham Park Credit: Sarah Fox

Deer have lived at Dyrham Park, which is managed by the National Trust, for 300 years.

Bovine turburculosis was first found among the herd in 2007 and work to try to control it has been ongoing ever since.

Extra fencing was put up to make the estate more secure, badger vaccinations were carried out and cattle were stopped from grazing on site.

However, despite these efforts the disease became too widespread and in 2021 the herd was culled.

Responding to a comment on X, Dyrham Park staff said: "We're starting with a small herd and allowing it to establish. Based on veterinary advice, we will grow the herd through the bucks and does we have."