Truro's famous roundabout hedgehogs to get makeover after falling into disrepair

  • The hedgehog sculptures have been falling apart due to bad weather and birds picking at them

Truro's much loved Trafalgar roundabout hedgehog sculptures are in need of a makeover.

The set of four hedgehogs were created by willow artist Emma Scott five years ago.

They have suffered damage from the recent bad weather, and birds pulling their covering off for nesting materials.

Truro City Council says it is now removing the hedgehogs in a phased project to restore them.

Parks Officer Richard Budge from Truro City Council told ITV News: ''Where the coco fibre has been deteriorating the birds have been ripping at it, and they're taking that away to build their nests.

The hedgehogs in 2019. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Images

"The wooden prickles were individually chopped and hand carved by the artist, and then drilled and stitched on but unfortunately as they've started to rot they're all now coming off too, so we're looking to try to get them refurbished.''Every winter the hedgehogs are put into 'hibernation', with sticks and greenery piled on top of them. Richard says they have become a well loved landmark.He said: ''Since they've been on the roundabout the hedgehogs have become quite symbolic.

"Rather than Trafalgar roundabout or the police station roundabout, people refer to it as 'hedgehog roundabout', so they really do capture everyone's imagination.''

Willow artist Emma Scott Credit: ITV News

The hedgehogs will now be assessed by Emma Scott at her workshop at Mellingey Mill Willow Craft Centre near St Issey.

The smallest has already been removed from the roundabout.Emma told ITV News: ''I find it a little bit sad, I've had a few messages from people over the last few months asking what's happening, so to actually get them back on the roundabout looking their best like they were in 2019 will be really lovely and make lots of people happy I think.''

It will be a big job for Emma and it could take months, with each hedgehog needing more than 3000 hand whittled spikes on its back.

The hedgehogs have been such a hit, the roundabout won 'Roundabout of the Year' from the Roundabout Appreciation Society in 2019.