Asda van bursts into flames near busy Gloucestershire roundabout

The fire service said the van was "100% destroyed in the fire". Credit: Peter Von Oven

Rush hour delays of more than an hour were reported after an Asda van burst into flames on the A417 in Gloucestershire.

It happened near the Air Balloon roundabout shortly before 8am on Monday 29 April.

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service confirmed there were no injuries, but said the van was "100 per cent destroyed by fire."

The road was blocked in both directions while emergency services attended.

Gloucestershire Police confirmed officers were assisting with road closures.

Two fire engines from Gloucestershire North and Cheltenham East were sent to deal with the blaze.

National Highways reported rush hour delays of more than an hour and a half, while fire crews were at the scene.

In response, a spokesperson from Asda said: "I can confirm that we are aware of this incident and thankfully nobody was injured."