Emotional ceremony held as 'Knife Angel' statue made from blades leaves Taunton

An emotional closing ceremony has been held in Taunton to mark the end of the Knife Angel's month in the town.

The sculpture, created out of 100,000 blades which were handed into police forces across the country, has stood in Somerset's county town for a month as part of a nationwide tour.

It was unveiled at the start of April by the parents of Barnaby Webber, who was killed in a knife attack in Nottingham in 2023 and the brother of Lloyd Fouracre, who was murdered in Taunton in 2005.

The closing ceremony was held at Taunton Minster and featured readings, poems and performances. It also showcased some of the photographs that people have taken of the statue during its time in the town.

Following the service, people marched through town to Castle Green where a spiral of light was created with candles. A minute of applause was also heard in memory of victims.

Organiser of the ceremony, Michelle Beck, said: "The whole thing for me was being really close friends with the Webber family.

"When I was told the Knife Angel was coming to Taunton it was really important that it went ahead and it's been such a community-led experience. Every time we go to the Knife Angel there is somebody watching - so many people have come into town to see it. The biggest thing has been educating schools - so, hopefully, future generations will know hopefully not to carry a knife."