Man revisits Bristol spot missing brother Jack O'Sullivan was last seen every day as search goes on

  • 'We'll do everything we can to get to the bottom of this' - Ben O'Sullivan on search for missing brother

Every day for more than 70 days, the brother of a missing Bristol man has revisited the area where he was last seen.

Ben O'Sullivan says it's the only way he can cope with the absence of someone he would speak to every day - and who he counts as his best friend.

Jack O'Sullivan has not been seen since disappearing after a night out at the beginning of March. Despite exhaustive searches by family, the police and people who do not even know Jack - the 23-year-old's whereabouts remain a mystery.

Speaking to ITV News about why he returns to the spot in Hotwells where his brother was last seen, Ben said: "It is tough [coming back], of course it is, but we'll do everything we can to try to get to the bottom of this. We feel that it is something we can control and we'll keep doing so."

Jack O'Sullivan hasn't been seen or heard from since the early hours of Saturday 2 March Credit: Family photos

Jack has not been seen or heard from for more than two months after he spent the evening at a birthday party with fellow students.

The family is convinced a CCTV image from 3.39am on 2 March is the last known sighting of him.

"We know his phone is active up until 6.44am which is obviously a few hours later so that's another mystery. We're trying at least to work out what that means. What's happened in that three-hour gap?"

People with no connection to Jack have searched the Cumberland Basin over the River Avon several times, empathising with a family's torment which, for now, appears without end.

Often CCTV cameras can be crucial in the search for a missing person but the frustration in this case for the family and the police is that some of the cameras in the area are fake or do not work.

Jack O'Sullivan's family believe this CCTV image is the last confirmed sighting of him, taken at 3:39am on 2 March Credit: Avon & Somerset Police

Police have sought independent advice from experts to identify any lines of enquiry they may have missed while dive teams have searched the water in vain.

The family feels compelled to investigate themselves and believe drivers passing the Plimsoll Swingbridge in either direction to the west of Bristol could unwittingly hold vital information.

Ben said: "Jack is very, very determined himself and I know if it was me who was missing, he'd be going every length he can to find out what's happened. So I've certainly got a lot of fire to get this resolved and I will go for as long as it takes."

Senior Investigating Officer, Det Insp Jason Chidgey said: “We’ve recently re-reviewed more than 100 hours’ worth of CCTV footage.

"Our thoughts very much remain with Jack’s family who are going through an unimaginable ordeal, and we’re committed to supporting them in any way we can.

“We’re still asking for the public’s help in reviewing and supplying us with any relevant CCTV, vehicle dashcam, doorbell or mobile phone footage from the following areas, between 2.45am and 4am on Saturday 2 March – Brunel Way, Brunel Lock Road, Junction Swing Bridge, Plimsol Swing Bridge and the Portway.”