Brothers say Truro Cathedral is a 'fitting' venue to give ex-Marine Jim Henderson a 'proper sendoff'

  • Matt and Dan Henderson talk about their brother Jim.

The brothers of a former Royal Marine who was killed by an Israeli air strike while delivering aid in Gaza say they will always be incredibly proud of their younger brother.

James 'Jim' Henderson one of the seven people working for World Central Kitchen who died when their convoy was hit on Monday 1 April.

His funeral will take place at Truro Cathedral on 22 May with hundreds of people expected to pay their respects.

Speaking ahead of the service, his older brothers Matt and Dan Henderson said their younger brother touched the lives of people, from his teenage years in Penryn playing rugby and boxing, to his life in the military and in private security.

"He had so many different friends from so many different walks of life" said Matt.

"Being the younger brother, he got quite a lot of his competitive edge from growing up playing sports with us and being at the time the smallest one. He always must have had to try a lot harder."

Instead of flowers people are being asked to donate to World Central Kitchen, the charity Jim was working for when he was killed. Credit: Penryn & Falmouth Funeral Directors

Dan describes Jim as being a "quite meticulous, quite disciplined man but also a great friend and brother".

The pair say their family and friends have been sharing stories about Jim, many which could not be "said on camera", but that reminiscing about his "mischievous" ways has brought them comfort.

Matt smiled as he talked of Jim enjoying being "a bit of a wind up".

"When you're on the the end of one of this wind ups, it's not so funny but when you hear about them with other people it is fairly amusing."

The pair also agreed Jim has been a brilliant uncle to his nephews Hugo and Stanley.

Matt commented: "I don't mind saying he'd be much better uncle than either of us are. Again as part of his character he was changing Hugo's nappies. He wanted to do everything and was happy to do anything to help. And Hugo's really lucky that he'll have some great memories to to keep with Jim."

A boxing memorial night has been held in honour of Jim who fought as a heavyweight for Falmouth and Penryn Boxing Club Credit: Falmouth and Penryn Boxing Club

The pair said Jim always wanted to join the Royal Marines and that it was "obvious" he knew what he wanted to do.

Dan said: "As a brother, you'd sometimes be concerned, you know, if he's on tour and you know what some of the dangers are. But Jim had that sense of purpose."

Both agreed they were proud of the work their younger brother had done.

Matt said: "I think it's a very admirable thing to do to serve serve in the military. I feel quite proud that he went on and did those things. He was always well commended with his peers and with his superiors as well."

Looking ahead to their brother's funeral on Wednesday, Dan said Truro Cathedral is a "fitting venue for a proper sendoff". Matt added that it is an honour to know "so many people want to come out and and be part of that sendoff and farewell to him".

Across multiple crowdfunding pages, more than £20,000 has been raised in James Henderson's name with donations from far and wide, including England midfielder Jack Grealish.

More than £6,000 has been specifically dedicated to his former boxing club, Falmouth and Penryn Boxing Club, and his family say they hope his name will live on within the sports clubs he was part of.

"We want his memory to be part of the local boxing and local rugby community. Having his name to being able to do hopefully positive things that [Jim] would have either benefitted from or wanted."