Somerset farmer proposes by mowing 'marry me' into his field

An image of the words mowed into the field, which Chloe said were a "massive surprise". Credit: Chloe Morley

A Somerset farmer has proposed to his girlfriend by mowing "marry me" into his field.

Chloe Morley was completely unaware of her boyfriend Tom Heal's plans as she brought him his dinner while he was working late on Friday 17 May.

But Tom had cut the question in huge letters into grass in his field near Hinkley Point, for Chloe to see as the sun set.

"It was a massive surprise", Chloe told ITV News.

"I had no idea at all until I got to the field, and even then, I was deep in conversation and didn't see it straight away."

'I was shaking and completely overwhelmed with emotions'

Tom's proposal took Chloe by complete surprise and the couple are now thinking about getting married. Credit: Chloe Morley

The couple met through youth organisation Young Farmers and have been together four years.

Chloe, who is 27, works as a veterinary nurse in Highbridge while Tom is a farmer from Bridgwater.

Chloe explained that it was a normal Friday evening when Tom asked her to bring him his dinner, which "isn't unusual when it's silaging season".

"I was just chatting away to him about my day and then he parked up on the edge of the field and said we needed to get out," she said.

"I clocked the field and could just about see what it said and I just melted!

"I was shaking so much and completely overwhelmed with emotions."

Chloe says she said 'yes' as soon as she managed to get the words out and the couple are now happily engaged.

Explaining how he came up with the idea, Chloe added that it took Tom about an hour to create the message in the grass.

"But he did have help from GPS in the tractor to get his lines straight," she said.

While the happy couple are hoping to get married soon, the demands of the farm are taking priority.

"We're hoping to marry next September", Chloe said.

"But currently it's life as normal and continuing with silaging!"

Chloe has said the pair are planning their wedding - but that for now, they'll be "continuing with silaging!" Credit: Chloe Morley

The pair posted about their engagement on Facebook and have now received hundreds of comments from friends, family and beyond.

"We are truly overwhelmed with the response that the proposal has gotten", Chloe said.

"Thanks so much for all the well wishes - it's crazy how much everyone has loved it!"