Asda supermarket staff taught how to use bleed kits after fatal stabbings in Bristol

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A supermarket has brought staff together in Bristol for bleed kit training. 

Since Christmas, four teenagers have died after being stabbed in the city, prompting calls for more to be done to keep young people safe.

This has triggered a large roll-out of equipment across the city - primarily bleed kits. 

Leanne Reynolds, a knife crime campaigner, said: “It started in 2021 after I worked with two young men who lost their lives due to serious violence in the city. 

“Ever since I’ve wanted to find a preventative measure, so I found bleed kits and I launched them. It could potentially save a life while they’re waiting for emergency services.”

Staff came together for the training.

Asda staff from stores across Bristol came together for the training on Tuesday 21 May. 

Grant Lewis was the one to train them. He said: “All over the country they’ve been used and successfully saved lives.”

In just the last few months, hundreds of kits have been distributed across Bristol. And while the scheme was started with crime in mind, it has other benefits.

Brenda, a community champion who helped organise the training, said: “It’s not necessarily to do with knife crime, it could be any catastrophic bleed. 

“Anything could happen in store, to a colleague or a customer, so it’s not necessarily just for knife crime.”

Brenda is continuing to hold more events across stores in the region.

The next one is a knife crime awareness event on 22 June at the Patchway Asda in South Gloucestershire.