Brothers jailed for fatally attacking and stabbing man in Torquay

Ben Milton (left0 and Jack Milton, who were convicted of the manslaughter of Aaron Parrington
Ben Milton (left) and Jack Milton blamed each other for the death of Aaron Parrington Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

Two brothers who fatally attacked and stabbed a man outside their home in Torquay have been jailed.

Ben and Jack Milton both blamed each other for the death of Aaron Parrington, 34, after he was killed in a fight.

The argument stemmed from a stolen bag, which Aaron believed Ben Milton had taken.

Ben Milton, 19, was sentenced to 14 years in prison, while Jack Milton, 20, was sentenced to 15 years.

Aaron Parrington went to the brothers' home after a dispute over a stolen bag Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

The fight was set in motion after an acquaintance of Aaron Parrington accused Ben Milton of stealing his bag.

Ben Milton agreed to meet in a car park for a fight but he failed to appear, so Aaron went to the brothers' home.

The brothers were in an alleyway near to the house when Aaron arrived and attacked him from behind with a curtain pole and a kitchen knife.

Members of public separated the men and gave first aid to Aaron before officers arrived on the scene and arrested the brothers.

Both brothers said it was the other who had used the knife.

Detective Inspector Ilona Rosson said they "continued to blame each other, taking no responsibility for their actions, and arrogantly denying their roles."

In a personal statement read to the court, Aaron’s mum Kathy said that the family "think of Aaron almost every moment of every day."

In a personal statement read to the court, Aaron’s mum Kathy said that the family are now living in a ‘real life tragedy’ and described her son as a ‘devoted father’ and ‘friend to many’.

She said: "We think of Aaron almost every moment of every day, but the mornings are the worse because you wake up, and for a split second, everything is ok. Then reality kicks in, it hits you and it’s like Aaron has died all over again.

"We had two children and now we have one. We must get used to a future without Aaron in it, which, until now, we haven’t been able to because it’s too painful."

She continued "Now, if we want to be near our son, we must go to his graveside, in a cemetery, and look at a headstone; where we sit and talk to him, we cry and tell him we love him and miss him, and we always will.”

Following sentencing, the family thanked friends and family for their continued support and also said: “Our apologies go to the people whose homes overlooked where our Aaron died as it must have been a very distressing and frightening scene, especially those first on the scene who tried to help Aaron.

“Thank you to the people who were driving past and stopped to administer first aid, who ignored the direct threats to their own lives, and continued assisting Aaron. You should all be proud of yourselves, we know you all did everything you could and we hope this gives you some peace.

They added "As Aaron’s parents, we are grateful you were there with Aaron and that he wasn’t alone – we stood and watched you all and you are all our heroes."