The adorable moment a dog is reunited with its owner three weeks after going missing in Cornwall

  • Watch the moment 70-year-old Ingrid was reunited with her dog

A woman has been reunited with her dog more than three weeks after it ran away while on holiday in Cornwall.

Ingrid Cooke was just arriving at Lizard Point Holiday Park for a 10-day family holiday, when her terrier cross, Ozzie, jumped out of the car and disappeared on 10 May.

The family then spent the entirety of their trip on the Lizard Peninsula trying to find the five-year-old. But days of searching proved fruitless and Ingrid, who is 70, had to return home without her beloved pet.

Locals promised to continue looking and a search operation attracted more than six hundred people via a Facebook page, all without success.

Then 20 days after Ozzie had vanished, the dog was found in Ruan Minor at about 5am on Thursday 30 May.

Ingrid drove down from the north of England to be reunited with her special pup, who received a check over at the vets.

Finally, more than three weeks after he disappeared, Ingrid and Ozzie were reunited in Cornwall to great excitement.

The video shows Ozzie cautiously approaching Ingrid as he tries to figure out who he is meeting, before his tail excitedly shoots up and begins wagging franticly.

The pair now intend to spend lots of time catching up on all the cuddles they missed out on over the last few weeks.