Car crashes into historic Grade II listed pub in Langport

The car crashed into the front of the historic pub. Credit: Pete Jones

A Somerset pub worker has described the moment a car crashed into the front of the 600-year-old building, saying it felt like an 'earthquake'.

The collision happened on the night of Saturday 1 June, when a car crashed into the pillar outside the entrance to the Langport Arms in Langport.

Pete Jones, who works at the pub, said: “It felt like a minor earthquake, there was a bang and the building shook.

“Everyone was fearing the worst when we came out and saw the car like that. But we then realised that the car was empty.”

Talking about the impact on the business, Pete described the crash as a “very big inconvenience.”

A section of the stone porch fell onto the car after the collision. Credit: Pete Jones

The car remains outside and temporary traffic lights have been installed until repairs can start.

Pictures show a section of the pub’s historic entrance which has fallen and crushed the roof and windscreen of the car.

The Grade II listed building dates back to 1420 and has been used as an inn since the 16th century.In a statement on Sunday, the Langport Arms said: “At around 8pm there was an incident involving a collision into our pillared porch and balcony in front of the hotel main entrance.

A cordon has been put in place around the car until it gets removed. Credit: Pete Jones

“A car was involved and thankfully no one has been seriously injured. However the front entrance to our hotel is blocked and the balcony has been structurally damaged.

“Emergency services were called immediately and first aid was offered onsite immediately. We are thankful and very much grateful to our employees who acted so promptly during this shocking and trying time.“We hope you understand that we will be unable to provide updates upon the incident as we continue to cooperate with the relevant authorities.

"However we want to make it clear that the hotel bar is open and the Sunday Carvery is still open. The side door will be our main entrance for the time being.

“Due to the current situation, we are unable to offer direct disabled access, however we will endeavour to support as much as we can. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.”

Following the incident, Avon and Somerset Police said: "We were called at just after 8.10pm to a single-vehicle collision into a building in Cheapside, Langport.

"We attended to assist with road closure but this was left with the local authority to manage. No arrest(s), ambulance did attend."