Rescued kittens named after England's Euros squad thanks to their 'fighting spirit'

Several kittens were battling severe anaemia, respiratory infections and sore eyes. Credit: Cotswold Cats and Dogs Home

A litter of kittens that were rescued by the RSPCA have been named after England's Euros squad, in recognition of their "fighting spirit".

Bellingham, Rice, Harry, Pickford, Gareth and Foden were among 27 cats discovered in "filthy" conditions, after their owner passed away.

Among them were several frail kittens battling with severe anaemia, respiratory infections, sore eyes, and other flu-like symptoms.

RSPCA inspectors were called to the address after concerns for the welfare of the animals arose, following the death of the person who had been living at the property.

Six of them were taken to Cotswold Dogs and Cats Home (CDCH), while the remaining 21 cats have been taken by the RSPCA to various other rescue and rehoming centres.

The cats were living in an extremely sad situation —unwell, filthy, and frightened. Credit: Cotswold Dogs and Cats Home

CDCH said the cats were found living "in the most appalling squalor, and are understandably scared and timid".

In a statement on their website, they said: "The kittens were covered in fleas and filth and matted with their own excrement, demonstrating the unimaginable conditions they had been living in and highlighting their extremely poor health.

"All six kittens began receiving intensive veterinary care, antibiotics, and all the love the team can muster.

The kittens are still very weak Credit: Cotswold Dogs and Cats Home

"Sadly two of the kittens became extremely poorly and were taken to an emergency veterinary hospital where they received critical intensive veterinary care, IV fluids, and antibiotics.

"Despite our tireless efforts, the two poorly kittens sadly passed away.

"The remaining kittens are on a fight for survival, and the path ahead is fraught with challenges.

"Our hearts break for them, and we are and will continue to do everything within our power to help them pull through."