Power Station Dismantled

Work begins to remove five boilers from the decommissioned Berkeley nuclear power station - each weighs in at 300 tonnes

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Slow progress for power station boilers

The 5 boilers are 21 metres long and 5 metres in diameter Credit: ITV West

The boilers from the now decommissioned nuclear power station in Berkeley are facing a number of obstacles as they make their way to Sharpness docks. In total 5 boilers, weighing around 300 tonnes will have to make the trip.

90% of the metal from the boilers will be put back into the market for re-use Credit: ITV West

Decommissioned boilers on the move

The boilers will be shipped to Sweden to be melted down. Credit: ITV West

A total of 5 boilers are being moved from Berkeley Nuclear power station to Sharpness docks. From there they'll be shipped to Sweden to be melted down. The power station is being decommissioned and will take until at least 2070 to complete.


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