Anti-badger cull campaign

Campaigners who are against the badger cull are fighting against the trial in Gloucestershire and Somerset.

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Badger cull protesters on an overnight patrol

Protesters against the badger cull were out last night patrolling one of the areas in Gloucestershire within the killing zone.

The cull is to try to halt the spread of TB from badgers to cattle.

The licenced culling period began last weekend, but protesters walking in the Forthampton area near Tewkesbury found no evidence it had started yet. But they say they'll be back:


Anti-badger cull protesters gather in Gloucestershire

Protesters hope to prevent culling from taking place Credit: ITV News West Country

Campaigners have been gathering in Gloucestershire tonight in the hopes of disrupting badger culling in the area.

Protesters met at Forthampton Estate - where one of the farms licensed to carry out a cull is based.

Campaigners say culling badgers is not the solution to stopping the spread of bovine TB Credit: ITV News West Country
Forthamtpon near Tewkesbury is one farm licensed to carry out a cull Credit: ITV News West Country
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Full report on the build-up to the badger cull

The controversial badger cull is due to begin from next week in two parts of the West Country - Gloucestershire and West Somerset . If it is deemed successful, the cull, aimed at stopping the spread of tuberculosis in cattle, will be rolled out across the country.

But those opposed to it are still hoping to prevent the trials from going ahead.


Badger cull High Court hearing continues

The Badger Trust is seeking to halt the planned cull Credit: ITV West

A High Court hearing resumes today into whether the culling of badgers can take place in parts of the West Country. Lawyers for the conservation group, the Badger Trust, argue that the government has not followed the correct legal procedures.

Defra plans to allow farmers to shoot badgers in parts of West Somerset and Gloucestershire. The creatures have been linked to the spread of TB in cattle. The judge will give his ruling in a few weeks' time.

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