EDL March Planned In Bristol

The English Defence League are marching through the centre of Bristol on Saturday 14th July. It's being held on the same day as the Bristol Pride festival.

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Petition calls for EDL march in Bristol to be banned

A petition with more than 2000 signatures calling for a ban on the English Defence League's march next weekend, will be handed in to Bristol City Council tomorrow.

Sign goed up in Bristol against the proposed EDL march Credit: ITV West

It includes names from trade unionists and faith groups across the city, asking to prevent the march taking place on the 14th of July .

Similar EDL marches in Telford and Luton have been banned. There will also be a lobby outside of the Council House, College Green at 5.30pm before the Cabinet meeting


Police prepare for English Defence League march

Police are promising tough action against anyone intent on causing trouble when a controversial march by the English Defence League takes place in Bristol. A thousand officers will be in the city a week on Saturday in an operation costing more than half a million pounds.

The EDL has revealed death threats have been made against two of their members, while rival group Unite Against Fascism has told this programme it will hold a protest in the city on the same day. Richard Payne reports.

Police to reveal plans for policing EDL march in Bristol

The EDL is holding a demonstration on the 14th, the same day as Bristol Pride Credit: ITV West

Avon and Somerset will be revealing details later today of how they plan to police an English Defence League march later this month.

The EDL is holding a demonstration on the 14th, the same day as Bristol Pride is staging its annual festival. It's the first time the EDL will have marched through Bristol.


  1. Richard Payne

Calls for EDL to move march planned on same day as gay pride festival

There are calls for the English Defence League to move a march planned on the same day as a gay pride festival. Both events would happen within a few hundred yards of each other in Bristol city centre.

A large police operation estimated at costing up to one million pounds will seek to control EDL's supporters, and there could also be a counter-demonstration.

The English Defence League say they are intending to hold a peaceful march and there is no evidence to support any calls for the march to be banned.

Calls for Bristol EDL march to be banned

AN MP is calling for a march through Bristol by the English Defence League to be banned.

The controversial protest group are due to hold their rally on July 14, the same day as Bristol Pride is due to take place.

A heavy police presence is guaranteed on the day, with up to 700 officers expected on duty.

But Bristol East Labour MP Kerry McCarthy says she fears for public safety.

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  • Route agreed for EDL march

    The English Defence League has agreed a route with Avon and Somerset Police for their march on Saturday 14th July.