EDL March

The English Defence League is marching through Bristol today. A counter protest is taking place by the group We are Bristol.

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Two protesting groups come within yards of each other, as officers keep them apart

1,000 police are attempting to keep the two groups apart Credit: ITV News

Furious members of counter protest group We Are Bristol have come within yards of the EDL march - with 1,000 officers attempting to keep the two apart.

Local police, boosted by colleagues from around the country, herded the Far Right English Defence League marchers into a protected 'square' formation for their protest against Bristol's 'Islamification'.

The two groups have come within yards of each other Credit: ITV News


A man's been arrested for racially aggravated behaviour at the EDL march

We Are Bristol supporters gather at Bristol bridge to protest against the EDL march Credit: ITV News

A man's been arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated public order ahead of two marches that are taking place in Bristol.

Supporters of the English Defence League are marching to Queen Square for a rally.

A counter demonstration is being held at the same time by We are Bristol.

EDL protesters gather in Bristol Credit: ITV News

EDL supporters are marching on the centre, chanting 'God save the Queen'.

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