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Paignton Zoo is celebrating the arrival of a baby giraffe. The zoo now has six giraffes, six years after three were killed in a fire.

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Paignton Zoo's new giraffe is a girl

Paignton Zoo's newest giraffe is a baby girl, keepers have confirmed.

They say the as yet un-named calf is doing well but, because her mother would not feed her, she has been separated from the herd and is being fed from a bottle.

Matthew Webb, Senior Head Keeper of Mammals said:

“She is now feeding very well from keepers and is on 4 feeds a day, consuming up to 8 litres a day. This will increase slightly as she gets bigger, up to a maximum of around 10 or 12 litres a day.”

Zoo staff have yet to decide what to call the youngster.


Baby giraffe completes first herd since 2006

A baby giraffe is the latest arrival at Paignton zoo. The calf, which hasn't been named yet, stands at nearly six feet tall.

The family of giraffes are Rothschild's, which are classified as an endangered species. Credit: ITV Westcountry

The new addition means the zoo has its first herd of giraffes since losing three of the animals in a fire six years ago.

This is the second of its Rothschild's species to be born at Paignton this year.

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