Badger Cull Delay

The Government has announced that the badger cull, which was due to start in part of West Somerset shortly had been postponed to next summer

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Badger cull debate: from our Political Correspondent

Government plans for a badger cull in West Somerset suffered a blow today after MPs voted against the scheme.

The motion was passed by 147 votes to 28 but the government is not legally bound by it. The debate was triggered by an e-petition which gathered more than 150,000 signatures.

The cull has already been delayed until next summer after it was discovered there were more of the animals than expected.

Our Political Correspondent Bob Constantine followed the debate in the House of Commons:


MPs debate the badger cull

The badger cull was planned to try to stop the spread of TB in cattle Credit: ITV Westcountry

A debate about badger culling will be held in the House of Commons today, following widespread protests.

Plans for a trial badger cull in West Somerset have now been postponed to next summer. Many farmers are in favour of a cull because they say badgers spread TB to their cattle.

Badger cull protesters lobby parliament

Protesters hoping to stop the badger cull have been lobbying MPs ahead of tomorrow's debate in the House of Commons.

Badger cull protesters demonstrating at Westminster earlier today Credit: ITV Westcountry

Earlier this week, the Government announced that the two pilot culls, one of which is in West Somerset, are being delayed until next summer. The demonstrators hope they will be called off altogether following the debate.


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