PCC Elections

Voting for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner takes place on Thursday. There'll be one for each of the five police forces across the south west.

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Wiltshire Chief Constable congratulates new Commissioner

Wiltshire Chief Constable Pat Geenty has issued a statement following the PCC election in the county

“I wish to congratulate Angus Macpherson as the first Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon. Wiltshire Police is an excellent Force with dedicated and hard-working officers and staff and a good history of performance showing a reduction in overall crime over the last five years*.

“The aim for Wiltshire Police remains one of reducing crime and anti social behaviour and keeping it one of the safest counties in the country.

– Pat Geenty, Wiltshire Chief Constable

Police elections: Would have been 'better if more people voted'

Wiltshire was the first county in the country to declare in the early hours of this morning, where turnout was 15.8%.

It would have been better if more people voted. There are several reasons why people didn't come out to vote - they didn't understand what the job is. They didn't know who the candidates were and couldn't make a judgment. And then, depressingly, there were a lot of people while we were out on the street saying 'I don't (vote) for anything'.


It is a new system and people have emailed and contacted us saying that they didn't know enough about the candidates in order to be able to make a choice. Obviously, that's something which I have got no control over.

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