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Fixers: the young disabled people from Bristol fighting back against loneliness

For many young people with disabilities, leaving school and college involves leaving a circle of friends and support which is hard to replicate in adult life.

The result is widespread loneliness and isolation.

Now, a group of disabled young people from Bristol have teamed up to try to tackle the problem by reaching out to others.

They've enlisted the help of Fixers - the campaign that gives young people a voice - to make an honest and revealing film about loneliness among the disabled:


Hidden disabilities campaign by Cheltenham woman

How would you feel if you were disabled but people refused to believe it? That's the position Lindsey Shorter found herself in.

The young woman from Cheltenham has started a campaign to make life easier for people with hidden disabilities.

She's teamed up with Fixers, the project that helps young people to change things for the better:

Bath sex assault

Police in Bath are investigating after a student was sexually assaulted yesterday evening.

The victim, who's in her twenties, was assaulted near the car park of the Riverside Health Centre at around 10pm.

Her attacker is described as a white man, in his late teens or early twenties, 5'10" to 6ft tall with dark ear-length hair with a fringe and very wide, open eyes. He was wearing a dark, thin waterproof jacket.

His was a frightening experience for the victim.

She was attacked whilst she was alone and without anyone to turn to for help.

Fortunately after the incident someone did go to her aid and we are particularly keen to speak to the student who drove the victim home in a small red car.

Incidents like this are unusual in Bath but are taken very seriously when they do happen.

– Detective Inspector Charlotte Tucker


Bristol musician helping young in St Pauls

A young film maker and musician from the St Paul's area of Bristol is helping other youngsters to resist the pressures of drug dealing and gangs.

With the help of Fixers, the campaign backed by ITV that gives young people a voice, he's highlighting the opportunities that exist for young people and encouraging them to discover their talents.

Fixers conference on road safety

Every two days a young person dies, or is seriously injured, in an accident on the region's roads. Now, a group of young people - including some from our region - have been at a conference to tackle the issue

As part of the FIXERS project that gives young people a voice, they want to influence a forthcoming government Green Paper on young drivers.

Fixers: Students with learning difficulties

Bullying in schools is a big issue at the moment, along with bullying online and on social media websites. Children can be especially cruel, often picking on those the rest of society attempts to protect.

In this month's update from Fixers - the campaign that gives young people a voice - two young men from South Gloucestershire use a lesson from history to promote fair treatment in schools for those with learning difficulties.

Fixers: help to avoid jail

A young woman from Somerset is calling for help to keep her friends out of jail - because, she says, there is too little for them on the outside.

In our latest update from Fixers - the campaign that gives young people a voice - she says that many young offenders would rather stay inside because they struggle to support themselves outside, and it's difficult to stay out of trouble:

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