'Bedroom Tax' protest

A protest rally has taken place in Swindon against new rules which leave people claiming housing benefits facing deductions for spare rooms.

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'Bedroom tax' protests in the West Country today

Many social housing tenants will be affected. Credit: PA

A group of people will be gathering on College Green, Bristol, this lunchtime to protest against the forthcoming 'bedroom tax'. Protests will also take place in Salisbury, Stroud and Cirencester.

Under the new rules about to be introduced, social housing tenants deemed to have too many bedrooms will see their housing benefit reduced.

Report: Bedroom tax debate

Next month a major change to the benefits system will come into force. Among those affected will be the 2 million people facing a 25% reduction in their housing benefit.

The so-called "bedroom tax" will hit people living in properties considered too large for them. Laura Makin-Isherwood met one man who says the changes could make his home unaffordable.


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