Reprieve for Bath loos

Some public toilets that were earmarked for closure in Bath could now stay open where there is no alternative provision.

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'This is fantastic news' - B&NES Tory Cllrs

This is a fantastic result for local residents and we’re naturally delighted with the result. It’s a real victory for local democracy, and particularly for all the local residents who have campaigned tirelessly on this issue and came along to speak at the Council meeting. We’re very pleased that people-power has forced the Council and the Lib Dems to listen to the genuine public concern surrounding their toilet closure plan. There has been next to no public consultation and the whole thing has been mishandled from the start.

What this means is that the Council is now committed to producing new proposals which keep our public toilets open unless suitable nearby alternatives can be found, or alternative funding arrangements agreed. Of course the Council faces financial challenges, but it has to deal with these in a fair and reasonable way. With the Council poised to sign a multi-million pound contract to take over the running of its public toilets, it’s hard to believe that it cannot squeeze out a bit better value to keep more toilets open. Hopefully, this is what the Council will now do.”

– Cllr Geoff Ward, Conservative shadow Neighbourhoods spokesman.

Alternative proposal put forward for toilet closures

Councillors in Bath and North East Somerset will look at alternative provision for public conveniences before going ahead and closing them in parts of Bath.

The loos in Twerton, Peasedown, Weston, Shaftesbury Road, Larkhall, and Combe Down all face closure.

The issue was debated at a Council meeting at the Guildhall in Bath on Thursday night.

Councillors have decided that no toilet will shut unless there is alternative provision nearby.


Bath Tories call for 'clarity' on toilet closures

We’re therefore pressing the Council to clarify the fate of the toilets still under threat of closure, including what progress has made on finding alternatives and what will happen if no alternatives are found. The Council must do this in advance of next Thursday’s Council debate.

It will strike many residents as pretty strange that at the same time as the Council is saying it is investing £2 million in better public toilets, it is closing nearly half of them down. At the moment it seems like the Council is handing a private company £2 million to run its public toilets, who will then also be able to keep the revenue generated from charging for their use. We haven’t seen the fine print of the contract, but from what we know it has to be questioned whether this is a good deal for the taxpayer.”

– Cllr Geoff Ward, Conservative Group on Bath & North East Somerset.

Protests against loo closures grow

Nearly 2500 people have signed a petition against the closures. Credit: ITV News Westcountry

Almost 2500 people have signed a petition against the closure of public toilets across Bath.

Protests have continued in response to plans made by Bath and North East Somerset Council to close toilets in 12 sites across the city.

Last week local resident Lin Patterson staged a three day 'sit in' of a toilet block in Bath in protest against the move.

Councillor David Dixon has called the petition 'pointless'. Credit: ITV News Westcountry


Public toilet squatter campaign ends

Lin Patterson staging her protest Credit: ITV News West Country

A 67-year-old woman has finished defending her ladies in the war of the WC. Lin Patterson staged a 3 day occupation of the Twerton public toilets as they were threatened with closure.

After spending 3 nights in the toilet and collecting 2000 petition signatures online and a further 400 outside the toilets, Lin has now left the building. The Twerton toilets are one of 12 blocks the council is shutting down.

Lin will be appearing as a guest on ITV Daybreak tomorrow morning.

Campaigner in loo 'sit in'

A campaigner is staging a three-day occupation of a toilet block in Bath in protest at its planned closure.

Lin Patterson is highlighting plans by Bath and North East Somerset Council to shut the loos in Twerton and at 11 other sites in the city.

The council says it has no duty to provide toilets but is reinvesting money into ones that'll stay open.

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