Reward for locking up burglar

A Gloucestershire grandmother will receive a reward for locking up a burglar in her garden shed.

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Granny locks burglar in shed

Judith Gazzard shows how she bolted burglar Jason Marshall into her garden shed. Credit: Gloucester News Service

A Gloucestershire grandmother who locked a burglar in her garden shed has received a reward from the county's High Sheriff, for apprehending a thief.

Judith Gazzard heard a noise outside her home in Cinderford in the early hours of the morning and went to investigate.

Jason Marshall, the burglar who was locked in garden shed by Judith Gazzard. Credit: Gloucester News Service

She found the conservatory ransacked and 25 year old Jason Marshall inside the wooden hut.

He had eaten three ice-creams from Judith's freezer.

The 69 year old slammed the door shut, locking Marshall inside, and then called Police.

When sentencing, the Judge ordered Mrs Gazzard to be paid a £250 reward by the High Sheriff of Gloucestershire.

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