Private firm trials police work

Dorset Police start a four month trial today outsourcing the guarding of major crime scenes to the private security firm Securitas Ltd.

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Security firms guarding crime scenes

Major crime scenes in Dorset are being by private security staff rather than police officers. A trial is now underway in the county that'll see the idea tested for four months.

The force is taking the radical action in an attempt to free up police officers for other front line duties, meaning they don't have to spend hours standing by police tape.

But there are concerns this is just the first step in privatising parts of our police force. Martin Dowse reports.

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Security firm to take over guarding crime scenes

A private security firm will be guarding serious crime scenes in Dorset from now on.

Dorset Police are outsourcing this part of their security to Securitas in a four month trial. Police say officers can now concentrate on frontline policing.

The work our Crime Scene Officers conduct is of the highest standard, having been police vetted and specifically trained for such a role prior to any deployment. Our density of branch network and front line staff enables us to deploy with pace, professionalism and the reliability you would expect from an organisation of our strength, depth and expertise. We look forward to supporting Dorset Police in this way in the months and years ahead.

– Mike Clancy, South West Area Director of Securitas


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Trial for Securitas to guard major crime scenes

The private security firm Securitas Ltd will trial guarding major crime scenes so Dorset Police can go back on the front line.

Scenes of major crimes, such as murder and serious assault, were previously guarded by police officers taken from their day to day job.

But by getting the security company to guard the scene instead, between 2600 and 3600 hours will go back into police front line services.

Detective Chief Superintendent Mark Cooper, Head of Dorset Police Criminal Justice Department said, "Outsourcing has been tried and tested by other forces for a number of years and it has been found to be a very effective way of securing evidence."

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