Inquest into death of gunman

An inquest is being carried out into the death of armed robber Alan Levers, who died whilst trying to raid a betting shop in Plymouth.

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  1. John Andrews

Coroner rules armed robber died from combination of factors

An inquest has been shown CCTV footage of the moment an armed robber burst into a betting shop in Plymouth. A group of customers disarmed Alan Levers and held him on the floor as others raised the alarm.

By the time police arrived he was unconscious. He was later pronounced dead. At his inquest today, the Coroner said he died from a combination of factors - one of which was that he was wearing a gas mask which had the respirator pressed against the floor.

Family release statement after inquest

The family of Alan Levers have released a statement after a coroner gave a narrative ruling at his inquest.

The outcome of this inquest will not change the fact that we as a family have lost Alan. I am sorry for what the witnesses were put through at Ladbrokes. What happened should never have happened in the first place and Alan paid the ultimate price. I would like you to know that Alan was a loved partner, son, father, brother and uncle.

– Family statement


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