Air Ambulance back in action

The Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance is fully operational again after being grounded over safety concerns.

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Air Ambulance resumes normal flights

The Dorset and Somerset air ambulances has been cleared to resume normal flights after being grounded on Thursday by the discovery of a technical fault.

Operator Bond Air Services cleared both EC135 aircraft to return to service yesterday.

It is the same model which recently crashed in Glasgow killing 10 people.

Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance still grounded

At this time Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance is currently suspended from flying. After initial investigations a technical fault has been found on the aircraft (G-DORS) and work is now underway to rectify the problem. The Charity is working with Bond Air Services to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Patient needs will continue to be our top priority. Our crew will be on hand to attend, and assist if the need arises, via our Rapid Response Vehicle which is located at our airbase on the Dorset and Somerset border.

– Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance spokesperson


Safety concerns remain

Dorset and Somerset's Air Ambulance is still grounded today amid concerns over its safety. The helicopter is the same model as the one that crashed into a pub in Glasgow last week killing ten people. The helicopter is based in Wellington in Somerset.

Dorset and Somerset's Air Ambulance while checks are carried out Credit: ITV News West Country

Helicopter company reaction

During normal operations yesterday, one of our EC135 fleet experienced an indication defect that requires further technical investigation.

Therefore as a precautionary measure we have temporarily suspended service operations whilst we undertake detailed diagnosis.

We are now conducting functional tests across each of our EC135 aircraft in order to gather more specific information.

We apologise for the disruption to service.

– Bond Air Services
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