Earthquake in Bristol Channel

British Geological Survey confirms earthquake in Bristol Channel

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North Devon businesses feel the tremor

The 4.1 magnitude earthquake which shook North Devon this afternoon was felt by hotels and theatres in the seaside town.

North Devon hit by earthquake

Paul Clews took to Twitter after the tremor broke his lamp Credit: Paul Clews

The ground shook for around 10 seconds in parts of North Devon and Somerset.

Paul Clews reported his lamp being broken by the force of the 4.1 tremor. The UK gets earthquakes of this size every few years.

Scientists do not believe it is linked to the recent period of bad weather in the region. The undersea geology is complex in that part of the Bristol Channel and subject to movement.


Earthquake hits North Devon - factsheet

The 4.1 magnitude earthquake happened 5 kilometres (3 miles), under the Bristol Channel, 20 kms north of Ifracombe and 30 kms south west of Swansea.

It's been described by the British Geological Survey as moderate by UK standards and small on a global scale.

Brian Baptie, of the BGS, said a 4.1 magnitude quake can rattle objects and shake pictures on walls.

Significant structural damage is unlikely but people from Gloucester, Bristol, Bridgwater, Taunton and Barnstaple, reported feeling buildings shake.

Mr Baptie added that the tremor could result in smaller aftershocks, possibly of around 3 on the Richter Scale.

There have been 32 tremors across the UK since the start of the 21st century.

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