Stench causes landfill closure

A Wiltshire landfill site has been shut after hundreds of complaints by people nearby, angry at the smell.

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Landfill shut after hundreds complain about smell

A Wiltshire landfill site has been shut after hundreds of complaints by people nearby, angry at the smell.

In warm weather people in housing estates miles away from the site are complaining of what they describe as a horrendous stink. The MP has got involved and has written to the Environment Agency to help solve the problem. Our Wiltshire Correspondent Robert Murphy reports.


EA statement on landfill closure in Wiltshire

The Environment Agency has released a statement following the temporary closure of Chapel Hill Landfill near Swindon. It follows more than 180 complaints this month about the smell coming from the site.

We have been working with Hills Waste Solutions Ltd (the operator of Chapel farm Landfill) to identify the possible source of any odours on site. We have asked the company to identify and put in place measures to improve odour control, which includes temporary clay capping and the drilling of new gas extraction wells. To facilitate this work Hills Waste has taken the decision to temporarily close the site to tipping, which will help the required work to take place.

– Environment Agency

Work continuing to remove smell at Wiltshire landfill site

In a statement Hills Waste Solutions who manage Chapel Hill landfill near Swindon said they had taken the decision to temporarily suspend landfill operations. In an effort yo solve the problem, further work will be carried out.

Additional capping material is being moved into the operational area of the site to assist with

sealing off areas where potential odours are coming from. A drilling rig is due to be on site to install

further gas extraction wells in the operational area on Wednesday the 12th March. It is anticipated

that the suspension of landfilling activities will enable a full assessment of the installations and their


– Hills Waste Solutions statement

Smell causes closure of Wiltshire landfill site

A landfill site in Wiltshire has been forced to temporarily close after complaints about the smell.

Hills Waste Solutions who run Chapel Hill near Swindon have apologised to residents affected, saying they are doing all they can to return the situation to normal.

Almost two hundred complaints have been made this month and the site has been working with the Environment Agency to solve the problem.

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