Getting ready for the Park and Slide

Plans are coming together for a giant water slide down Park Street in Bristol on 4 May. A practice run took place in a park in the city today.

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Practising for the Park and Slide

A practice run has taken place for the so-called "Park and Slide" when people will get the chance to go on a giant water slide in Park Street in Bristol.

Luke Jerram, the artist behind the idea, and his team were out early in St George's Park, out of sight from prying eyes and people wanting to have a go too.

He says the trial was a success and that everyone was happy, especially the council as it will be part of its "Make Sundays Special" programme.

The not so dry run in St George's Park this morning Credit: Luke Jerram
People won't have to wear cycle helmets on the day as hay bales will protect people Credit: Luke Jerram
This is an idea of what the Park and Slide will look like when it takes place on 4 May Credit: Luke Jerram


Register now for Bristol's Park & Slide

How the Park & Slide could look on Bristol's famous Park Street. Credit: Luke Jerram

People wanting to go down a giant water slide in Bristol next month have just five days to register.

The idea for the 90 metre park and slide in Park Street comes from artist Luke Jerram.

Thousands of people from across the world want to take part but, because of safety concerns, only hundreds will be able to. Their names will be picked at random from those who've signed up.

The event is planned for May 4th and will be presented as part of Bristol City Council’s ‘Make Sundays Special’ programme.

To register your interest for a free ticket, click here.

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Waterslide planned for Bristol's Park Street

Bristol based artist Luke Jerram has unveiled his vision for a giant water slide down Park Street in the centre of the city. The street would be closed to traffic allowing for a 90m long slide. It would be free for the public to use.

The event called 'Park and Slide' is planned for May 4th and will be presented as part of Bristol City Council’s ‘Make Sundays Special’ programme. It's estimated the event would cost a little over £5500.

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Water slide plans for Bristol's Park Street

Luke Jerram plans to turn Park Street into a waterslide Credit: ITV News West Country

A Bristol artist has announced plans to turn Bristol's Park Street into a water slide for a day as part of the city's traffic free "Make Sunday Special" initiative.

Luke Jerram says his project has been given the go-ahead by the City Council on Sunday 4th May this year. It will involve a 90 metre plastic slide from the top of Park Street which members of the public will be able to use free of charge.

For the project to go ahead, Luke needs to raise more than £5,000 from public donations.


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