Sir Tony Robinson returns to the West stage

Actor and television presenter Sir Tony Robinson, who is a famous Bristol Labour activist, is performing at the Theatre Royal in Bath

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Tony Robinson tells us he misses his Bristol hideaway

We interview Sir Tony Robinson who is on the stage in Bath in The Hypochondriac.

The actor and TV used to live in Bristol and told us he misses his Royal York Crescent hideaway but the pressure of work took him away.

He was well known as a Labour activist in the City but told our correspondent Robert Murphy he would have made a terrible Mayor.

The interview starts with his role at the Theatre Royal, which runs until 18 October.

Tony Robinson takes on new role in Bath

To some he'll forever be Baldrick, Blackadder's hapless sidekick - and to Bristolians a local Labour activist. But now Sir Tony Robinson is taking another role - on stage at the Bath Theatre Royal in a new production of Moliere's The Hypochondriac.


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