Anger at Bristol's 20mph zones

Conservative councillors have attempted and failed to halt the roll-out of 20mph zones across Bristol, which they claim are being ignored.

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Bristol Mayor defends 20mph zones

As a bid by Conservative councillors to halt the roll-out of Bristol's 20mph is blocked by the Bristol Mayor, George Ferguson tells us why he is championing them.

Calls to halt Bristol's 20mph scheme thwarted by Mayor

Conservative councillors hoped to halt the roll-out of the 20mph scheme in Bristol Credit: ITV News

A move to halt the roll-out of Bristol's 20mph speed restrictions has been thwarted.

Conservative councillors claim the limits are being ignored by motorists and are making some roads more dangerous. At a meeting of full council they proposed a motion asking Bristol Mayor George Ferguson to give Neighbourhood Partnerships the powers to identify, prioritise and agree appropriate 20mph speed zones for their communities.

The motion was passed by councillors but the Mayor has the final say and he says he is committed to seeing the £2.3m scheme through.


Council says new 20mph zones will save lives

Bristol City Council says the new 20mph zones will save lives by increasing the chance of pedestrian and cyclist accident survival rates. It says the zones have been chosen because they are areas which have a seen a high volume of such accidents.

The Council quotes the following statistics from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents:

  • A pedestrian struck at 20 mph has a 97% chance of survival
  • This falls to an 80% chance of survival if they are struck at 30 mph
  • They have only a 50% chance at 35 mph

Council: '20mph zones create more pleasant communities'

Bristol City Council has issued this statement about the new 20mph zones in the city:

The vision of 20 mph is to help create more pleasant communities for us all to enjoy. Slower speeds and ultimately reduced car use for local trips will lead to a less noisy and more people-centred community. The reduced speed also makes it easier to cross roads, particularly for children and the elderly, and access local facilities helping to build stronger communities, and encouraging children to become more active.

Your views on Bristol's new 20mph zones

The introduction of a new wave of 20mph zones in Bristol is proving controversial. Here are a selection of your comments from the ITV West Country facebook page

Ridiculous and a waste of money. Another anti-car idea.

– Will Snelling

They were introduced in Keynsham recently, and I find the 20mph zones far more dangerous. I try my best to stick to them, but I have very impatient drivers behind me, trying to push me faster and therefore not obeying the two second rule. Also I get overtaken by cyclists all the time!

– Babs Parker

It has become increasingly difficult to get around Bristol in the last 20 years. Permanent road closures, one-way systems, more traffic lights than ever... and now this!

– Paul Scoplin

20mph zones introduced in Bristol

20 mile an hour speed limits have been introduced in parts of Bristol to improve safety and to make life better for other road users.

Clifton and Bishopston are part of a city wide roll-out. It follows a successful pilot in Bedminster and Southville, which has been in operation since 2010.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents says there is a 20% chance of dying when someone is hit by a car travelling at 30 miles an hour but it is reduced to 2.5% at 20 miles an hour. The scheme will eventually cover the whole of the city.

New 20mph zones have been introduced in Bristol to improve road safety. Credit: ITV West Country


Full report: 20mph speed limit across Bristol?

There's been a call for Bristol to think again about introducing a 20 mph speed limit right across the city. It comes as plans to extend the policy go out to consultation.

The aim is for all except the major routes to be 20 mph by 2015.

But today one councillor said a blanket scheme couldn't be enforced.

Bob Constantine reports:

Councillors to discuss 20mph speed in Bristol

Cabinet will meet on Thursday to discuss rolling out 20mph speed limit across Bristol. Credit: ITV News West Country

Plans for a city wide speed limit of 20 miles per hour in Bristol are being discussed by the City Council's cabinet.

Conservative Transport spokesman Mark Weston has submitted formal written objections which will be debated.

He is urging Bristol Mayor George Ferguson not to go ahead with the scheme.

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