Concorde to get its new home

Concorde 216 is to get a permanent home at her birthplace after South Gloucestershire Council granted planning permission for a new aerospace centre at Filton Airfield. The Bristol Aero Collection Trust won £4.7 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the project.

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Concorde to get a roof over its head

Concorde making its final touch down at Filton - where it is to be housed permanently Credit: PA

Concorde is to get a permanent home. South Gloucestershire council has granted planning permission for an aerospace museum at the former Filton airfield, near where the iconic jet was made - and made its final touch down in 2003.

World War I hangars are to be refurbished to provide an indoor exhibition for the supersonic aircraft. They will also house the Bristol Aero Collection - the trust has been awarded a £4.7m Heritage Lottery Fund grant for the project.

Finding a permanent home for Concorde at its birthplace in Filton is fantastic news for the people of South Gloucestershire and for the iconic aircraft which will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Once up and running, the museum is set to become one of the most popular visitors’ attractions in the West, bringing many economic benefits to the region while celebrating the history of the aerospace industry past, present and future.

– Cllr Matthew Riddle, Leader of South Gloucestershire Council

£4.7 million for new aerospace centre at Filton

The Bristol Aero Collection Trust has been awarded £4.7 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund to build a new aerospace centre at Filton Airfield. As well as being used as a museum, the centre will also provide a permanent home for Concorde 216 - the last plane of its kind to be assembled at the Filton site.

Concorde 216 arrives back at Filton after its last flight, 2003. Credit: PA


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Hope for new home for Concorde

The dream of having a permanent home for Concorde has taken a major step forward, after the National Lottery agreed to back the project with a £4.4 million grant.

The team behind the plan want to refurbish two World War I hangars on Filton Airfield and turn them into a museum for the jet.

Concorde 216, which was designed and built in Bristol, has sat next to the runway, open to the elements since touching down there after its final flight in 2003.

But now there's real hope that, ten years on, the world's first supersonic passenger plane could finally land a new home.

Concorde project has 'real momentum'

Nearly £4.5m has been awarded to a Trust in Bristol to build a permanent home for supersonic plane Concorde.

The funding comes from the Heritage Lottery Fund. So far, about £9m has been pledged but the Bristol Aero Collection Trust, who are behind the plans, need £13.5m to complete the musuem in Filton.

The Director of the Trust, Lloyd Burnell, says there's now 'real momentum' behind the project, which could be completed by July 2016.

Delight over support for Aerospace Centre

The Director of the Bristol Aero Collection Trust says he is 'delighted' that plans to build a £13.5m Aerospace Centre in Filton has received initial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

We’re delighted that the Heritage Lottery Fund has given us this support.

The Bristol Aerospace Centre at Filton will provide enormous opportunities for people to learn about our industrial aviation heritage and social history, as well as encouraging people to get involved through volunteering and the development of new skills.

It is great to know that we are a major step closer towards meeting our ambitions.”

– Lloyd Burnell, Project Director of the Trust

The Centre will provide a heritage centre, technology learning centre and a permanent home for supersonic airliner Concorde, which was largely built and designed at the Filton site.

Bristol has a unique aviation history and this is the perfect opportunity to reconnect the community and wider public with the important story of the aircraft that were developed here and the people that created them.

The Heritage Lottery Fund is pleased to be able to offer its initial support for this project and will be working closely with Bristol Aero Collection Trust as they develop their plans further.

– Nerys Watts, Head of Heritage Lottery Fund South West

Support for permanent home for Concorde

Concorde made its final flight into Filton in 2003. Credit: Barry Batchelor/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Plans to build an Aerospace Centre in Bristol have received initial support for a £4.4m bid from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Bristol Aerospace Centre, which will be located on Filton Airfield, will create a permanent home for Concorde which was largely designed and built at the site.

The £13.5m project will also provide space for a heritage museum, technology learning centre, outdoor play areas and event spaces.

The Bristol Aero Collection Trust, who are behind the project, have been awarded £243,600 in funding to progress its plans.


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