Bailiffs remove tree protesters in Bristol

Bristol City Council says it has removed protesters from the Stapleton allotments in Bristol where they have been camping in trees to protect them from being cut down for the new Metrobus route.

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Thousands spent on allotment security

Protester being evicted from Stapleton allotments Credit: ITV News

Round the clock security will remain in place at a site where protesters were evicted last month in Bristol.

Campaigners camped out at Stapleton allotments in opposition to a new MetroBus route. Bristol City Council won a court order to remove them.

It says ongoing site surveillance and the eviction has cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Work is underway to reconfigure the allotments, making sure there is no interruption to local food production as a result of work on the MetroBus scheme. No allotments are being lost and improved facilities will be put in place for allotment holders including more parking, more water points and a new allotment building.

Once work on the allotments is complete, construction work for the bus-only junction will get underway. The link, which is part of the North Fringe/Hengrove Park MetroBus route, is expected to reduce journey times between Hengrove and the University of West of England by 27 minutes, linking people in South Bristol with growing job opportunities in the north of the city.

The site will remain under guard, with the situation reviewed regularly. Whilst there is a cost to this, it is far less than the cost of clearing another occupation of the site. The costs of the recent eviction operation and necessary ongoing site security are estimated to be hundreds of thousands of pounds.

– Bristol City Council spokesman


Protesters removed from Stapleton Allotments

After four days protesters have all been cleared from the Stapleton allotments Credit: ITV News

Bristol City Council says the protest camp at Stapleton Allotments has now been cleared.

Bailiffs spent the past four days removing demonstrators from the site to make way for a new bus route. But the council says it is now preparing to address a separate illegal encampment which has been created near the M32.

Protestors hold out at Stapleton Allotments

Some protestors remain camped high up in trees Credit: ITV News Westcountry

A fourth day of evictions is underway at Stapleton Allotments, as Bristol City Council continues its operation to remove protestors objecting to a new bus route.

A city council spokesman said just five protestors now remain on the site.

“Given the scale and complexity of this operation things have gone very well indeed. The specialist teams have worked with great care to make sure people have been brought to the ground safely and respectfully."

– Peter Mann, Bristol City Council

Third day of evictions at Stapleton Allotments

Bailiffs are at Stapleton Allotments in Bristol for a third day of evicting protestors who are against a new bus route being built through the site.

Yesterday a dozen people were removed from the trees and a derelict building. Bristol City Council says around eight people remain . There have been no arrests or major incidents.

The council hopes to clear the site over the weekend so it can start work on this phase of the MetroBus scheme, with the first order of business being to move the allotments.

“The specialist teams conducted a detailed operation yesterday and safely brought a number of those in highly precarious tree top locations safely to the ground.

“We are increasingly concerned for the safety of those up in the trees, so the team’s focus today will be on safely removing as many people as possible. However, we fully expect this final phase of the operation to continue at least into tomorrow.”

– Peter Mann, Bristol City Council

Protestors "entrenched" at Stapleton allotments

Bristol City Council will try and remove the remaining activists at the Stapleton allotments today.

It's estimated around 50 protestors left the site yesterday but there are still dozens who remain. There are still some protestors in trees and attached to lock points.

It was a largely straightforward operation yesterday - as anticipated - and we are grateful to all those protestors who co-operated and left the site calmly when asked.

There were no arrests and no major incidents. Safety remains our top priority.

Clearly there is a minority who are more entrenched, including those occupying a number of the trees on site. Our specialist team is now preparing to resume operations.

Action to remove the individuals in the trees and several other points will continue during today and into the weekend if necessary.

Safety is paramount, so our specialists will take whatever time is necessary in order to reach a safe conclusion.

– Peter Mann, Service Director for Transport at Bristol City Council


Eviction latest - protestors being cut out of locks

Our reporter Jonty Messer is at the scene of the evictions. He writes: "Protestors were alerted to this morning's arrival of removal teams by a loud horn blown from the treetops. Those opposed to the MetroBus route ran to their assigned places. Some climbing trees. Others using 'lock on' contraptions which join people together between trees and have to be cut off.

"The work to remove the protestors was initially quick with those in the ground being removed swiftly by a large team in high viz jackets. Climbing experts arrived a short time ago although there is little sign of them entering the trees where the removal if protesters is likely to become much harder.

"The protestors seem in in high spirits and have repeated their desire for a non violent protest. Drums are being beaten and sings sung from the trees. One woman - Jessy Mae who lives in Bristol said it was a great experience to be part of. She has been on site since January."

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