Solar Eclipse 2015

The South West was in luck when it came to viewing the eclipse today - here's a collection of photos from our crews, and ones you've sent us. This is the last total solar eclipse visible in the UK until 2090.

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More of your eclipse pictures

Pat Nicol took these two pictures of the eclipse in Midsomer Norton.

Credit: Pat Nicol
Credit: Pat Nicol

Rich Wiltshire took this superb photo of the eclipse in Bridgwater.

Credit: Rich Wiltshire

This photo of the eclipse was taken in Combe Hay, near Bath by Sam Farr

Credit: Sam Farr

17-year-old Chloe Charlesworth took this in Corsham.

Credit: Chloe Charlesworth


Eclipse: Clifton Observatory

Credit: ITV News

Dozens gathered at Clifton Observatory in Bristol to watch the solar eclipse over the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Many astrology fans are wearing special glasses to protect their eyes while others have brought home-made pin hole cameras.

Some people created intricate contraptions to view the partial solar eclipse! Credit: ITV News

Students Greg Robertson, 19, and Sam Firminger, 20, began quaffing a bottle of champagne in preparation for the spectacle.

When we were walking up here we were disappointed because it looked cloudy but it seems like Bristol has pulled it out of the bag. The biology student said they were both hoping for a "beautiful eclipse".

– Sam Firminger

Connor Fitzpatrick and Luke Kerckhof used a colander to see the eclipse.

Credit: ITV News
Credit: ITV News
Credit: ITV News

Solar Eclipse - your photos

Amy Whitewick took these photos from her front garden in Seend Cleeve, Wiltshire.

These pictures came from Amy's front garden in Seend Credit: Amy Whitewick
These pictures came from Amy's front garden in Seend Credit: Amy Whitewick

Nick Cork sent us this great photo from Glastonbury.

Nick Cork sent us this great photo from Glastonbury Credit: Nick Cork

This photo came from Simon Burton in Chipping Sodbury.

This photo came from Chipping Sodbury Credit: Simon Burton

This photo was taken by the Trowbridge Chamber

Credit: Trowbridge Chamber

Lauren Tucker sent us these great shots

Credit: Lauren Tucker
Credit: Lauren Tucker

Tim sent us this shot from Chew Valley lake

This one came from Chew Valley lake Credit: Tim Alban

Alex Hall posted this on our Facebook site from Midsomer Norton

Credit: Alex Hall

Dawn Thompson took this great one from Stoke Gifford

Credit: Dawn Thompson

Sue Bradley took this from her garden in Longlevens using a piece of welder's glass!

Credit: Sue Bradley

Sam Webb took these impressive pictures from Flaxley, Gloucestershire

A timeline of the eclipse taken in Gloucestershire Credit: Sam Webb


Naunton Park in Cheltenham

Cotswold Astronomical Society staged an eclipse watch in the park for members of public and kids from Naunton Park School today and were on hand to offer advice and expertise to anyone who asked.

Eager watchers gather in Cheltenham to see the eclipse Credit: ITV News

Peter Cadogan, of Cotswold Astronomical Society, spoke with us at the event.

Credit: ITV News
Credit: ITV News
Credit: ITV News

UK's last solar eclipse for a decade visible today

People should not look directly at the sun during the eclipse. Credit: Matthew Fearn/PA

At around 9.30 this morning, people across the West Country should be able to see a partial solar eclipse. The moon is expected to cover up to 90% of the sun.

The last one happened in 1999, and there won't be another in the UK until 2026. Experts are warning people not to look directly at the sun - and safety glasses are available.

Will you be able to see the eclipse?

We may be in luck in the South West when it comes to viewing the eclipse Credit: Matthew Fearn/PA

It looks like those in the South West may be in luck when it comes to viewing the solar eclipse tomorrow morning.

The event - the passing of the moon between the sun and earth - is due to take place at 8.45am on March 20, when much of the UK could be under cloud.

As the moon passes the sun the skies will briefly darken, but the dramatic effect might not be so mesmerising due to the forecast grey skies.

But for we may be lucky in the South West as breezes as set to move the clouds out of the way just in time.

For those lucky enough to be under the clearer skies, the eclipse will start at 9.23am in Penzance and work its way incrementally later the further north you live.

This is the last total solar eclipse in Europe for over a decade, with the next total solar eclipse not visible in the UK until 2090.

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