West Country tourists caught up in Tunisia attack

The funeral of one of the victims of the Tunisian beach attack is taking place in Wiltshire. John Welch from Corsham and his partner Eileen Swannack were among 30 Britons who lost their lives.

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Wiltshire couple killed in Tunisia remembered at local church

Eileen Swannack and John Welch were killed while on holiday in Tunisia.

A book of condolence for a Wiltshire couple killed in Tunisia will be open in their local church today.

Eileen Swannack and her partner John Welch from Biddestone were killed in the attack at a holiday resort in Sousse last Friday.

Residents will be able to pay their respects at St Nicholas Church, and a service will be held there on Friday.

'Heartbroken' granddaughter's tribute to nan killed in Tunisia

Eileen Swannack and John Welch were killed while on holiday in Tunisia. Credit: Dan Welch

The granddaughter of a Wiltshire woman killed in the attack in Tunisia has posted an emotional tribute to her online.

Eileen Swannack and her partner John Welch were staying in the RIU Imperial Marhaba Hotel in Sousse, which was at the centre of the massacre in which at least 22 Britons died.

Their family had tried to trace them in the aftermath of the attack through online appeals.

Granddaughter Lucie Marie paid tribute to her "loving wonderful" nan in a post on Facebook, saying she did not understand how anyone could hurt her.

Thankyou to everyone who has had my nan in their thoughts over the last few days, & for messages of concern & help. As most of you will now be aware, my Nan & her partner were unfortunately killed in the terroist attack in Tunisia on friday. The last few days have been the hardest of my life, the not knowing, the dread, the amount of emotions & questions running through all our heads have been exhausting. & as more details unravel I'm sure it will continue to be very difficult & upsetting for our family for some time. We ask for patience & some privacy while we try to come to terms with this & grieve. I cannot understand how anyone could hurt my nan, she was such a loving wonderful woman & I'm heartbroken she's been taken from us in such a cruel way. Thoughts with everyone involved in & effected by this tragedy.

– Lucie Marie, Eileen Swannack's granddaughter


Somerset pensioner came face to face with gunman who killed 38 tourists in Tunisia

Keith Hawkes, a former Gurkha from Highbridge, was caught up in the Tunisian terrorist attack Credit: ITV News

A Somerset pensioner has spoken exclusively to ITV News West Country about the moment he came face to face with a gunman in the Tunisian terrorist attack in which 38 holidaymakers died.

Keith Hawkes, a former Gurkha from Highbridge, risked his own life when he ran towards the gunfire to see how he could help those being shot. He says there was a second gunman firing at tourists.

Mr Hawkes said: "All of a sudden there was three or four very loud bangs. I recognised these bangs as gunshots straight away having experienced it many, many times during my army service. I looked down across the pool and I could see people running towards us."

"Everybody then got up and started to run. I grabbed hold of my wife and we both took cover behind a wall."

"I looked round and saw a man with an AK47 rifle slung across the front of his body. He wasn't actually looking at me, he was looking down at a phone that he had in his hand. Someone shouted that he was another gunman."

"There was an injured person just to our right and we were talking to him, telling him to keep quiet and not to move."

"Then there was another loud bang and he'd fired a shot in the reception area. We were just so, so lucky. The bullets came in our direction. I know that because we were immediately below the glass doors"

"I looked down to my left and I saw there was a man with his head in his hands who was sobbing. He told me he had just lost his wife. He said they just shot her through the neck and what could I do? I just had to console him. That's all I could do."

"I then went down to the swimming pool and picked up some towels and began to cover the bodies."

Granddaughter of Wiltshire woman missing in Tunisia issues online plea for news

The granddaughter of Eileen Swannack, who is still missing in Tunisia after Friday's terror attack, has turned to social media to help find her.

Lucie Marie has been tweeting for news of her grandmother and her grandmother's partner, John Welch.

The Wiltshire couple were staying at a hotel at the beach resort where the attack took place.

Family fear the worst for missing Wiltshire couple

The grandson of a Wiltshire man missing in Tunisia says he fears the worst for him and his partner. Nothing has been heard of John Welch and Eileen Swannack since the massacre in Sousse.

Dan Welch told ITV News his grandfather, who is from Corsham, was a regular visitor to Tunisia along with Eileen.

Wiltshire couple missing in Tunisia

Eileen Swannack and John Welch are missing in Tunisia Credit: Dan Welch

A couple from Wiltshire who were on holiday in Tunisia remain unaccounted for following yesterday's terrorist attack. John Welch and Eileen Swannack were staying in the RIU Imperial Marhaba Hotel in Sousse which was at the centre of the massacre in which 39 people are now known to have died.

John Welch is a retired plumber who lives in Corsham. His partner lives in Biddestone. John's grandson Dan Welch, from Swindon says the couple are regular visitors to the resort, making twice-yearly trips for the past eight years.

The pair had flown out of Bristol last Wednesday with holiday operators Thomson. Early this morning Thomson flew most of their holidaymakers back from Sousse on special flights, but neither John nor Eileen were among them.


Holidaymakers return to Bristol from Tunisia

Holidaymakers returning to Bristol Airport from Tunisia have been describing the scenes they witnessed yesterday. 39 people are now known to have died in the massacre at Sousse.

Thomson cancels Bristol flights to Tunisia

Thomson has cancelled all flights to Tunisia Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Holiday operator Thomson has cancelled its flights from Bristol Airport to Tunisia. Tomorrow's 0700 flight to Enfidha and Wednesday's 0630 service will not run.

In a statement, Thomson and First Choice said all flights to Tunisia would be cancelled for the next week. The company has confirmed that some of the victims of yesterday's massacre were its customers.

Holidaymakers due to fly to Tunisia are being offered alternative holidays in Rhodes, Gran Canaria and Cape Verde. Further details here.

60 people fly from Bristol to Tunisia

Thomas Cook is continuing flights from Bristol to Tunisia Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Sixty people flew from Bristol Airport to Tunisia this morning, according to an airport spokesman. The holidaymakers were on the 0630 Thomas Cook flight to Enfidha.

Thomas Cook's flight tomorrow to Enfidha at 2220 is also to scheduled to run as normal. A spokeswoman said customers were being given the choice of whether to fly or to obtain refunds.

The spokeswoman said no Thomas Cook customers were staying in the RIU Imperial Marhaba Hotel, which was at the centre of yesterday's massacre. But its holidaymakers do stay in the surrounding resort of Sousse. See here for the latest information from the tour operator.

Bristol tourist's son: I'm just glad he's safe

Gary Pine and his family were on holiday in the resort of Sousse when the attacks took place.

One of his sons, Sam Pine, who stayed in Bristol has told ITV News about his relief when he heard they were okay:

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