Upfest Street art festival 2015

Bristol's street art and graffiti festival 'Upfest' is being held from 24-27 July. More than 250 artists from all over the world will be painting at venues across Bedminster and Southville.

Live updates

5 of the world's leading street artists create murals on climbing centre

Five of the W=world's leading street artists are creating five different murals on the Red Point Climbing Centre in Bristol. Cosmo Sarcen is one of them and despite working 100 feet in the air he told ITV News he's not a fan of heights:

Street artists race to get artwork finished at Upfest

Hundreds of grafitti artists in Bristol are racing against the elements trying to finish artwork in Europe's largest street art festival. They're trying to create huge murals across the south of Bristol but have been hampered by rain. Charlotte Saker reports ...


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