Becky Watts trial - Day 7

The trial of four people arrested in connection with the murder of Becky Watts continues hearing evidence today. Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare deny kidnapping and murdering the teen. James Ireland and Donovan Demetrius deny assisting an offender.

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Becky Watts trial: Accused searched 'do you want to hide a body'

The woman accused of murdering teenager Becky Watts appealed for help finding her - then searched on YouTube for 'do you want to hide a body'.

Shaun Groves, a criminal intelligence analyst, told the court he had looked at phones handed to police by Hoare and Matthews - which the court had already heard were shared by the pair.

But the expert used a mix of witness statements, CCTV and phone information to attribute certain calls, messages and internet searches.

He told the jury that the day after Becky went missing (Feb 20), Hoare wrote on Facebook at 5.29pm: "Hi can you keep an eye out for Becky Watts and if you see her message me or ring me as she is missing."

But just hours later, at 9pm, a phone attributed to Hoare was used to search YouTube for 'do you want to hide a body'.

Becky Watts trial: Sister offered to 'search shed'

Sophie Parsons, Jaydene's sister, offered to go and search the shed at the home after watching a Crimewatch special on Becky with Donovan Demetrius.

She told the jury she went to her sister's house, which she shared with boyfriend Karl Demetrius in Barton Court, while Jaydene was at work, on March 2 - just hours before she was arrested.

Ms Parsons told the court she had spoken to her "worried" sister during the day and then watched the second half of the TV programme, with Donovan in the living room of the Barton Court house.

She said Jaydene had got home from work - at a local pub - around 9.45pm.

She seemed ok, she was her normal self, but she seemed a little bit worried about something.

– Sophie Parsons

While Donovan Demetrius was outside having a cigarette, Ms Parsons said the pair talked about Karl "in relation to Nathan", and discussed their arrests, including how Matthews had been further arrested for murder.

I told her if she wanted me to have a look in the shed then I would. She said no.

I told her to call Karl immediately, to tell him to come home so they can sort it out.

– Sophie Parsons

She said she then left the house, and came to learn in the morning that her sister, Karl and Donovan Demetrius, and James Ireland had been arrested.

Jaydene Parsons and Karl Demetrius have pleaded guilty to assisting an offender.

Donovan Demetrius and Ireland deny the charge.


Becky Watts Trial: Stun guns found at home of murder accused

Two stun guns disguised as torches and with power of more than 8,200 volts each were found at the home of Matthews and Hoare.

One police officer told the jury how he came across a stun gun in the living room of the house.

PC Jeremy Gale told Bristol Crown Court how he first recalled seeing the item on a glass-topped table in the living room of the house when he carried out an initial search.

Two days later, senior officers showed him a picture of the stun-gun - when an instruction booklet was discovered - where he he told them he had seen it.

But when he went back to recover it, it had been moved into a van which had been piled high with items from the house.

I was shown a picture of the item, I then remembered I had seen the item in the ground floor front room of the address. This was now being stored in a van.

– PC Jeremy Gale
A police officer told the jury how he found a stun gun at the home of Matthews and Hoare. Credit: Avon & Somerset Police

Another stun gun was found in the rear bedroom, while PC Giles Fletcher was searching a black bag from the front room.

I found a black torch with 'police' written on the side. I believed this to be a stun gun as it had an extra switch on the bottom which didn't look normal.

I asked for the fire arms unit to make the torch safe.

– PC Giles Fletcher

Katherine Scott, a forensic scientist specialising in fire arms said she believed the first stun gun would have been around 8,230 volts, while the second around 8,450 volts.

Becky Watts trial: Other items found in the shed

Warning potentially upsetting content

Crime Scene Investigator Lucy Pinkard told the court she had investigated a number of bags found in the shed.

As she listed the items Becky's family looked visibly upset, with her Auntie leaving in tears as a piece of clothing was shown to the jury.

Eurohike Rucksack:

  • A used Avon make up brush
  • Apparent blood-stained goggles
  • Used roll of brown tape
  • A black-handled six-pointer screw driver
  • Pink spotted shower curtain
  • Asda cling film cardboard box
  • Mask with apparent makeup and staining on the edge
  • Handcuffs
  • Knife with 12.5cm blade - apparent hair
  • Scissors
  • Blue handled flat-headed screw driver
  • Drain cleaner bottle, apparently blood stained
  • Blue handled pliers
  • Rajani Stores bag, apparently blood stained
  • Hooded, black Cedarwood State faux leather jacket
  • Small pink leopard print onesie

Black suitcase:

  • Bin bag wrapped in three layers of cling film
  • Pair of brown socks - apparently worn - blood staining on one
  • George, size 8-10 short-legged, blue onesie - apparent blood stained
  • Wooden bead - found in duvet cover
  • Broken beaded bracelet - found in duvet cover
  • Small electrical chip
  • Black and white flower motif pillow case with apparent blood stains
  • Green Boohoo jumper with apparent blood staining that had a cut at the back, from the bottom to the top
  • Small pieces of broken plastic - inside the jumper
  • White duvet cover with apparent blood staining, and what might be scorch marks

Becky Watts Trial: Knife and 'blood stained' goggles found among items in shed

The suitcases used to hide the dismembered body of Becky Watts have been shown to the jury.

Three suitcases, one black, one black and grey and one black with polka dots, were brought into court alongside a blue plastic box and a rucksack.

Each were discovered in the shed at Barton Court where the teen's remains were discovered.

A crime scene investigator also told the court how she discovered "blood stained safety goggles" among other items in the rucksack.

Lucy Pinkard told the court how she had discovered the goggles hidden beneath a plastic bag and three layers of clingfilm alongside a 12.5cm black-handled knife.

There appeared to be apparent blood and hair around the hilt.

– Lucy Pinkard, crime scene investigator

Handcuffs and two screw drivers - a blue flat headed version, and a black headed six-pointer screw driver - were also found buried in the bag.

The crime scene investigator said two "paper-style" face masks - with "apparent makeup staining", a pink child's leopard print onesie, a hooded jacket, a pink spotted shower curtain, and make-up brush, were discovered in the haul.


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