Syria airstrikes approved by MPs

Most West MPs vote for airstrikes against Syria while a thousand people protest against them in Bristol.

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Stop the War Coalition to protest in Bristol tonight

Hundreds of people are expected to attend a protest in Bristol tonight against the Government's plans to bomb the so-called Islamic State in Syria. The Stop the War demonstration comes as MPs debate the issue at Westminster. The protest is being held from 1730 near Cascade Steps in the city centre.

Stop the War Coalition logo Credit: Stop the War Coalition

"As announced at our protest on Saturday, Bristol Stop the War are calling people back to the streets - this time in much greater numbers to make it clear where BRISTOL stands!!

Bring your placards - "Not In Our Name"/"Don't Bomb Syria"

We say NO to bombing! NO to further allied military escalation in Syria and the further chaos, destruction & loss innocent lives this will cost.

We demand that our government prioritises peaceful diplomatic & political negotiations to halt the Syrian civil war, puts pressure on the Turkish authorities to stop allowing its borders to be used for the supply of arms and fighters into Syria, and ends all funding and arms sales to regimes in the region who are supporting ISIL in any way.

Our movement will continue to mobilise on a mass scale as long as the government proceeds with its current military agenda for Syria and ignores the necessary steps above for allowing peace and a genuine chance of a self-determining future in the country."

– Bristol Stop the War Coalition

By lunchtime today nearly a thousand people had accepted the invite to attend on Bristol Stop the War Coalition's facebook site.


Bristol Labour MP to vote against air strikes in Syria

Kerry was elected as the Labour Member of Parliament for Bristol East in May 2005 Credit: PA Gareth Fuller

MPs are preparing to vote on whether to join coalition airstrikes in Syria. David Cameron called a one-day Commons debate which will begin today (Dec 2) and will finish later today around 10pm.

Kerry McCarthy, Labour MP for Bristol East, has written a statement on why she has taken the stance to "vote against air strikes".

You can read her full statement here.

Many constituents have expressed their fears that intervention in Syria would significantly increase the risk of attacks on the UK.

Of course, the security of British citizens is of paramount importance to me as an MP, but it is clear that ISIL and similar groups already pose a substantial threat to us all. The horrific attacks in Paris last month are a reminder of this.

It could easily have taken place on British soil. And of course, we should not forget the deaths of 30 British holidaymakers in Tunisia earlier this year. British intelligence agencies have revealed that seven ISIL plots targeting Britain have been foiled in the last year alone, and that there is a clear connection between the threats we face and ISIL headquarters in Raqqa.

It should also be noted that we are already involved in action against ISIL in Iraq, and are providing support to other countries for action against ISIL in Syria.

– Kerry McCarthy, Labour MP for Bristol East
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