Storm Frank hits the West

Hurricane force winds of more than 120mph ave battered the West today as Storm Frank hit our shores. Waves have reached 30ft and more than a month's worth of rain has poured down across the region. It's the sixth storm to pummel Britain.

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Birnbeck plea for donations to save the pier

Birnbeck Pier are asking people for donations to help restore the landmark, and save it before more collapses.

Richard Griffin, the project director for the pier's Regeneration Trust, told ITV News the next storm could "finish it off", and urged people to donate.

John Penrose, the MP for Weston-super-Mare says the collapse now means plans to restore the pier are more urgent than ever.


Birnbeck Pier collapses into sea

The walkway has fallen into the Bristol Channel Credit: @ShaneBurney/Timmay Curtis

Part of the Birnbeck Pier in Weston-super-Mare has collapsed.

The walkway of the historic structure - the north jetty - has fallen into the sea. The structure was listed in the top ten most endangered buildings by the Victorian Society.

The Birnbeck Regeneration trust has been campaigning to save the pier but strong winds and high waves caused a large part of the structure to fall into the Bristol Channel.

A picture of the collapse was tweeted by Shane Burney:

The Grade II-listed pier - the only one in Britain to lead to an island - opened in 1867. It shut in 1994 and has since fallen into disrepair.

The Trust are now calling for efforts to be made to stop the rest of pier collapsing:

A trust spokesman said the north jetty had taken "a hell of a battering from Storm Frank" and collapsed overnight.

We cannot let this happen to the rest of the pier, so please join our increasingly-urgent campaign to save a unique piece of Victorian history

– Birnbeck Pier Trust spokesman

WATCH: Winds force suspension bridge to close

For only the second time in its history, the Clifton Suspension Bridge has been closed due to adverse weather.

Strong winds mean only pedestrians can access the bridge. It's expected to reopen at lunchtime.

In the video below, you can hear the gust of up to 55mph hitting the structure as people brave the crossing on foot:

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